Wayside Flowers

Bonjour!  Je suis Christina, and this humble scrap of the net exists (almost) solely for the purpose of displaying my Scarlet Pimpernel fanfiction.  I have but two requests of visitors to this site:  First of all, enjoy yourself!  These stories are meant to entertain.  Secondly, do remember to write!  Either send me an e-mail, or sign my guest book, please.  Merci!

The Stories:

Wayside Flowers:
"Wayside Flowers"  is my very first piece of Scarlet Pimpernel fanfiction.  This short story takes place at the Nest in Dover.  It's light on plot, and heavy on Percy/Marguerite interaction.  (All that, and it still gets a PG rating!)  It takes place soon after the events of The Elusive PimpernelCompleted May 2000.

Angels of Mercy:
(Also known as the story in which Christina learns to spell "Pyrenees")
Armand receives a letter from an old (and familiar) acquantance, plunging Sir Percy, Marguerite, and the bounders into an adventure in an abbey high in the Pyrenees, and the maze of caverns beneath it. (There; I spelled it right!)  This story takes place three weeks after "Wayside Flowers".  It's mostly done, so expect to see more chapters all the time!  Completed September 2000.  Rejoice!  It's finished!

Swan Song (tentatively titled):
I have not even begun this one yet, so don't ask!  But, just for a teaser:  Marguerite wields a rapier! (I didn't say skillfully!)  If you're lucky, Lady Suzanne Ffoulkes puts in an appearance!  Armand St. Just and Armand Chauvelin get fair characterizations (proving that I really don't have anything against the name)!  Find out what on earth "tag-team crepes" are!  Be there!

Twenty-Four Hours:
I intended to write a nice bit of fluff to put on this page, just so there would be something new and completely different for visitors to read.  The fluff is still under construction, never fear, but what came out originally was this.  It's rather dark--do not expect a happy ending.  Think twenty-four hours after Percy and Marguerite were married...  Completed August 2000.

The Ground Beneath Her Feet:
As promised--fluff!  This pointless (but mushy) little scene takes place on the Day Dream, directly after the events of The Scarlet Pimpernel.  It's kind of silly, kind of romantic, and makes a good (read: happy) balm after reading "Twenty-Four Hours." Completed August 2000.

Storybook Endings:
More fluff, to appease the fanfic priestesses (you know who you are!) and keep them from sacrificing me to the Beast.  This one sort of almost has a point, if you tilt your head sideways and squint when you read it.  (Incidently, hypnotic messages that show up when you examine it this way are NOT intentional!)  It takes place on the Day Dream, just after Eldorado, because that's what Danina told me to write, and I always do what Danina tells me to do.  Completed October 2000.

Strings of Tears:
Much happier than it sounds, actually.  A bit of fluff that takes place just after The Triumph of the Scarlet PimpernelCompleted December 2000.

Cet Hereux Temps:
Joyoux Noël! As promised, Christms fluff!  I think it's self-explanatory.  Completed December 2000.

Love and Hazard:
A very small bit of prozac in the form of fanfiction.  No plot, but it involves The Merchant of Venice, which, as far as I am concerned, is a point in its favor.  Completed March 2001.

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